Custom Truck Grills in Norfolk Nebraska

We offer a wide range of Custom Grill Guards for most major brands of semis, including Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, IH International, Volvo, and more. Most models through these brands are available, and all units can be customized to the owner’s specifications. This can include color choice, live light brackets, flag holders, and other additional options. All custom grill guards come with license plate brackets, unless otherwise noted. Units fold open to the same angle as the hood. Powder coating or a textured paint are both options for paint. Weights vary from 300 lbs to 500 lbs. We make shorter “bumper only” guards for shedding weight and cost. See our list of grill guards below for each truck brand.

We also offer other custom grill guards such as deer guards, moose masher bumpers, cattle guards, deer bumpers, cow catchers, steel grill protection, and easy folding grill protectors. Welding services include metal work, aluminum welding, stainless steel welding, carbon welding, and custom fabrication.

Pricing is available upon request for all custom grill guards. We accept check, Visa and Master Card.


Available Grill Guards by Truck

Peterbilt Grill Guards

  • Peterbilt 379 Grill Guard
  • Peterbilt 389 Grill Guard
  • Peterbilt 377 Grill Guard
  • Peterbilt 388 Grill Guard
  • Peterbilt 359 Grill Guard

Kenworth Grill Guards

  • Kenworth W9 Grill Guard
  • Kenworth T880 Grill Guard
  • Kenworth 800 Grill Guard
  • Kenworth 860 Grill Guard

Freightliner Grill Guards

  • Freightliner Classic Grill Guard
  • Freightliner Coronado Grill Guard
  • Freightliner Columbia Grill Guard
  • And More Freightliner Grill Guards

IH Grill Guards

  • IH International 9900 Grill Guards
  • IH International 9300 Grill Guards
  • IH International 9400 Grill Guards
  • And More IH Grill Guards

Volvo Grill Guards

  • Call for Details

Welding & Metal Services

  • Metal Work
  • Aluminum Welding
  • Stainless Steel Welding
  • Carbon Welding
  • Custom Fabrication

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Office: (402) 321-7876

Truck Grill Guard Types:

  • Semi Grill Guards
  • Deer Guards
  • Cattle Guards
  • Deer Bumpers
  • Custom Truck Grills
  • Delirious Grill Guards
  • Moose Masher Bumpers
  • Custom Semi Grill Guards
  • Cow Catchers
  • Steel Grill Protection
  • Semi Truck Grill Guards
  • Easy Folding Grill Protectors